My Top Nine: Recap of 2019

At the end of the year, people start to post nine pictures in a grid that defined the year. These are the pictures you use to commemorate the past year of your life. Some years there is not significant events that you want to share, while some years you struggle to scrounge up pictures.

I was blessed to have the former, but not everyone has that. I have been there. For you who don’t have many pictures to share, this is a working year. You will reap the rewards of the time you put into this year. Sometimes you do not see the fruits of your labor until a few years down the road. You have larger things that you are working on, and that is fine! One of “my nine” took me three and a half years to conquer! Do not compare your progress to other people.

So, with this being my first post, I thought I would share my nine with you as a way to introduce myself, because this has been a year of many things.

My top nine grid for 2019.

Picture One: Graduation

Picture Two: Wedding

As if I wasn’t crazy enough with grad school, I also planned a wedding and got married. I could go on and on about how perfect my wedding day was, but I will hold back. All I have to say is that I loved the process, but I love being married to my husband and figuring out this new role as a wife.

Picture Three: St. Barbara’s Day Ball

My husband serves in the Army National Guard. It is an honor and a sacrifice to be a wife to a man who is called to serve. And this ball was a way for us to enjoy the community surrounding these men. By the way, I said I never wanted to marry a man in the military… clearly I had no clue wanted. 

Picture Four: I became an Aunt

This little dude is my nephew, and I love him so much! He can’t contain himself when he sees me for the first time in a day. I also gained two other nieces and two other nephews through my marriage, I am this guys Godmother which is extra sweet to me.

Picture Five: Donut Fest

My friends from college and I love doing crazy things together. So we met up for a day of donut sampling. It was an awesome day, sugar crash included. Mainly, I shared this because it was a funny picture.

Picture Six: Celebrating my Goddaughter

I am the Godmother to my best friend’s oldest daughter. She is four years old and is full of love. I love spending time with her, especially now that she is getting older and can talk more. We have conversations about school, what she likes, and what she wants to be when she grows up. She always makes my day a little sweeter.

Picture Seven: My girls

I am blessed to have some good friends from home. They kept me sane as I went through college and stood by my side as I fell in love with Brandon. We support one another, and most importantly, pray for one another. This year proved to be a big year for all of us. And while life gets crazy, we still have each other.

Picture Eight: More of my husband

One of my biggest lessons I learned since getting married, you don’t get the full effect until your husband and wife. While we dated for a long time, I still loved finding out all of these quirks I never knew about him, and how it brings us more together. Like how he gets excited when he finds a stormtrooper mask at a random brewery we go to.

Picture Nine: Beer Flights in San Diego

After our wedding, we decided to go to San Diego for our honeymoon. We love this city and will always find reason to go back there. It is the micro-brew capital of the country, so we spent a lot of our time trying beer and spending time together as husband and wife.

So here are my nine, it was a big year for me. As we look towards 2020, I hope that it brings adventure, love, and memories. So here is to a new decade.

What does your nine look like? How was your 2019? Drop a line below.

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