Flaws and all

Everyone has stories that define them. Things that they take with them every day that have formed who them into the person they are today. For me, I have come to accept and love something that I used to hate and despise…. My hair. 

I was brought up by a mom who was very secure about her self-image and raised me in the same way. So I never really struggled with the criticism of my body. But I was beyond self-conscience of the unruly curls that were passed down to me.

People always said “I could find Kelly because of her hair” or, “Oh I knew that was Kelly because I saw her hair coming.” Needless to say, I stuck out from a young age because I was tall and had curly hair. 

And when you are young, you want to blend in with the crowd. At least that’s all I wanted because I stuck out like a sore thumb. So, I would have my mom pull my hair back into the slick ponytail all the kids had. This damaged my hair and caused so many breakaways, but I kept doing it to conceal the wildness.

Then I was introduced to a flatiron. I straightened my hair and loved that I was finally able to blend in. “Finally,” I would think, “I have control over this hair!” I would spend hours every week in front of the mirror straightening my hair. I was careful to not get wet or sweat too much because it would get curly again. I did this through most of 8th grade and freshmen year.

One day, while drying my hair so I could straighten it, it hit me. “This is a waste of time, anyone would kill for my curls.” So I put down the blow dryer and embraced my curls ever since. 

Sure, there are days (mostly humid) where my hair looks horrible, but I rock it. Why? Because I love my hair! I love that I barely have to do anything too it. I love that it lets me stand out. I love that it is unpredictable and sometimes has a life of its own. I love that I am comfortable in my own skin. 

To all of those who struggle with accepting that one “flaw,” it is ok. I was blessed to learn how to accept mine, and at such a formative age. And you might never accept it, but here is one thing I want to share with you:

What you might see as a large hideous flaw, others find beautiful. What if I told you that that “flaw” is actually a unique trait and a symbol of your inner strength? 

Unique or different is not synonymous with ugly.

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