Have your cake and eat it too: How I saved money on my wedding

I had the wedding of my dreams. I never wanted to be a princess or a vixen. I wanted to just be a bride. I had the perfect ceremony at my home parish surround by the love of God and the love of my friends and family. I also had an elegant and beautiful reception.

Another part about my dream wedding is that I wanted to keep the price tag as small as I could without the day feeling cheap. It gets pretty expensive, and it could empty your bank account if you let it. So, for any brides out there, take inventory about what is important to you and spend your money in those areas.

Right at the beginning of the planning and budgeting process I decided, I wanted to save money on the cake. I did my research and realized that a large and elaborate cake could not fit in my budget without sacrificing things that are more important to me, like the photographer or my invite list. Also, I thought it was pointless to spend a large amount of money on a photo opp and 30 seconds of the whole day.

I knew I wanted to have a little cake to cut into and serve sheet cake. I talked to a few brides and realized this was the way to go. As I was searching I found a crafty way to have my cake and eat it too.

Fun Cakes, as futured on Shark Tank, offer a way to have an elegant cake and save money at the same time. This company offers ceremonial cakes made out of Styrofoam and covered with fondant. They have a little slit where you run a knife through, so it looks like you are cutting the cake for pictures.

I ordered my sheet cakes and Fun Cake from Jewel Osco and it saved me $800 as if I was going to have a traditional cake from a bakery.

Fun Cakes offers you to purchase a smaller size cake or rent out larger size ones. They arrive pre-decorated and all you have to do is remove them from the box. They work with two different chain bakeries.

While all of the pre-decorated cakes were beautiful, none fit the feel of my wedding, so I had to redecorate it. I swapped out the ribbon they had on it for gold and my mom helped me tie a bow to hide the slit from people. I also had my florist place flowers on it and put my custom cake topper on top. And boom! Looked like a real cake.

At the wedding we simply ran the knife through the slit and served each other a piece of sheet cake, no one even picked up on it.

A few weeks later, I started sharing this secret and people could not believe that I had a Fun Cake. People who had an up-close view of the cake and didn’t realize it. One of my coworkers was in disbelief that they were eating cake from the local Jewel. So if you are worried people will catching on, they won’t. I had to walk my husband through what we were doing because he had no clue. 

Your wedding day is exciting and expensive, that it can become overwhelming. You need to look at little ways to be resourceful when it comes to budgeting. If you want to know more about Fun Cakes, feel free to leave a comment and we can talk more.

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