Stillness: Word of the Year

I know I am late to the game, but I believe in having a “word of the year.” As you reflect on the previous year and look to the future, it is good to find a word to help focus your efforts.

People come up with this word in different ways, some it is obvious, while others pray about it long and hard. And while others have their next five WOTY in place.

I actually took my time choosing a word, which is unusual for me. I had such a big 2019 and wanted to look at 2020 with a clear vision and take my time. I reflected, prayed, and daydreamed about my word because I needed it to be great.

After my debate, I decided my word of the year would be stillness.

Why Stillness?

Over the past three and a half years, I balanced going to school and working full time as well as planning my wedding. My life was chaotic the entire time! I had an intense and long to-do list that never shrunk. I always had to do something. Once I graduated this past December, I realized I was exhausted and mentally fatigued. I needed to dedicate time to rest and recoup my energy. I needed to learn to be still.

Dedicating a year to stillness helps my energy, my mind, and most importantly, it gives me time to reconnect with God. I have a worrisome heart that puts a strain on my faith life. This is allowing me to be with God and dedicate time to pray. I am working on laying my stress and grief down, and it is soothing.

I decided on stillness because I want to calm my inner busy bee and enjoy life. I am attempting to limit my to-do list and focus on giving myself rest. By allowing this time to be still and content, I am allowing other parts of my life to grow (like my love of writing and playing guitar.)

The thing is, when you have an ever-growing to-do list, you start to drop the things that you enjoy because they become burdensome. And life should be enjoyed, not a list of obligations. We have to take time and just be still, reflect, and surrender the time because you know that relaxation will bring about good fruit.

As I continue on with 2020, I will allow myself Friday nights in with my husband or letting the laundry go a day longer. This will teach me about how to let things be, because they will still be there in the morning, but my time won’t be. And this year, I am focusing on that rather than accomplishments. 

What is your word of the year?

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