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3 Big Reasons you should implement Email Marketing

You should adapt email marketing into your digital strategy. While it seems like a pricey investment, you will reap the benefits. And here’s why:

1) People willingly sign up to receive offers from you!

These are people who said they are interested and want to stay updated. They are warm leads tapped into your business. They want to know what’s up in case they want opt-in to an offer.

2) Gives you permission to show up in their inbox

People do not hand out their emails to just anyone. It is a sacred piece of information. If someone signs up for an email, it means you permission to talk to them. You will show up announced as an unopened message that begs for them to click on your email and read your offer.

3) There is no algorithm to fight against

 Social media constantly changes their preferences on what shows up and whose feed. Without ads, your organic posts only show to 1% of your follower. However, email does not have an algorithm to fight against. Whatever is sent shows up in the inboxes. The only thing you have to worry about is landing in the spam box or delivering poor content that makes people unsubscribe.

Email marketing is so powerful that you should adopt it sooner rather than later. It will help grow the digital aspects of your business. So instead of putting all your heart and soul into social media, shift some of your efforts and investments in email marketing and see how traffic to your website, orders, and overall business growth.

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