Easy Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

I firmly believe that behind every successful woman, or really any some-what functioning one, is a substantial amount of coffee. I believe that in my heart, coffee is what got me through my senioritis in high school, through my undergraduate degree, and it saw me through working full-time while pursuing my Master’s degree and planning a wedding. Yes, coffee is my friend.

And when this COVID broke out, I was deprived of one of my favorite pastimes with my hubby, grabbing a coffee and reading together. So, I did the next logical thing I could do… I started to learn how to make my beloved cold brew myself. 

The process is easy, and instead of giving you a long story about why I love it and why cold brew is the superior choice of coffee, I am going to hit ya with what it is and then follow up after.

Cold Brew Maker:

There are many different cold brew makers out there, but I chose this one from county line because it is dishwasher safe. I also liked it because I can replace the jar with any mason jar as needed. And the final selling point, there is no need to strain or use filters.

Why cold brew?

I prefer cold brew over any other form of iced coffee because it is smoother and less acidic than others. It is also easy to prepare and enjoy.

What coffee do you use?

Choose your favorite coffee. I used the Gevalia Guatemalan Reserve for this batch, it already comes course ground. Plus, the taste is out of this world!  However, it needs to be a course ground so they don’t fall through the filter.

How I make a cup of cold brew:

So you have this coffee concentrate. Now it is time to make your cup of cold brew. There are many ways to consume it, but I like to keep it simple. I take a glass, fill it halfway with ice and add a little water. (no exact science here) and then I pour my coffee over the ice and add my favorite creamer, usually Coffeemate sugar-free hazelnut. I watch the clouds form when I pour the coffee in, maybe snap a picture or boomerang to show everyone how cool it looks, stir, and enjoy.

Well, there ya go! It is not an exact science, but it is important to share how to make a good cup of joe to save money or to make due during a pandemic. Cheers!

Note: This is not an affiliate post. I do not receive any compensation for sharing this link. I just sincerely love this coffee maker and wanted to share about it.

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