July Update: Fireworks and Beyond

After some thought. I figured I would give a monthly update in the life of Kelly.

So here we are… July during Coronavirus. Honestly, I am bummed about this summer. I was looking forward to my first summer in four years that didn’t have class looming over my head. My husband and I were going to go on little weekend adventures, I was going to catch up with friends, and I was going to work on my tan. But this all came to a halt.

Our front yard before and after.
Our finished backyard.

It is not what we imagined, but we’re taking it as it comes. Over the past few months we put a lot of work into our house. We redid the backyard and got the landscaping done out front. We also were surprised and had to replace our air conditioner and furnace on Memorial Day. What joy!

And through this all, I have been working from home. Yes, I have been wearing leggings and working in my own little office for four months now! Sometimes it is a struggle, but overall, I am not sure I’ll be happy once I get told to go back to work.

Fourth of July

My husband and I enjoying the Fourth of July on our patio.
My favorite Fourth of July Shirt. I bought it last year off of Amazon.

With my husband being a veteran and currently in the Reserves,  I consider myself very patriotic and celebrate the Fourth of July every year. This year was a little scaled back, while I usually have barbeques and watch the fireworks while tailgating in the Jewel parking lot, this year found us listening to music in the backyard and spending time with our neighbors. To be honest, our neighborhood made sure we did not miss out on the city fireworks.

And in true fashion, I always wear a ridiculous patriotic shirt. This year I repeated my Abe Lincoln ‘merica shirt. Because who doesn’t like Honest Abe?

Looking Forward:

As we are navigating Coronavirus times, I can imagine there will be more mask wearing and more creativity with what we plan to do with the situations thrown at us.

We will also be looking at finishing up some curb appeal around our house. It will probably be done when my husband is away at his guard training. I am thinking repainting the shutters and replacing the lights on our house so everything matches.

Outside of the homeownership, I will also be working on increasing my load for squats and deadlifts. I stepped on the scale and the Corona 15 has been real to me, mental health matters guys, and this pandemic hit us all different. And because of that, I am trying to find a new way to keep up the same activity and motivation as I did pre-corona. 

For my marketing/business friends, I am working on creating some rad content to help you strategically select and build your brand. This is a labor of love so I hope you all will learn a thing or two from it!

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