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January Update: Word of the Year

Long time no talk.

I have been absent from most duties outside of work and my family. I got the winter blues bad and lost motivation. But with the New Year, I found it within me to step it up and to become more proactive.

As I was preparing to shut the door on 2020 forever, I knew I wanted to choose a word to drive me in 2021. I wanted something that would keep me inspired.

Last January I completed grad school. After three and a half years, I finally was able to have free time again! So I chose to allow that year to be a year of rest and not really have any commitments. Oh boy, wasn’t that the case for all of us!?

So here we are, in January and I am choosing a word for the year. As I was discerning it, I kept thinking about how we need to act within these restraints that COVID world has put on us. We can no longer “just wait and see” because who knows when the world to go back. Because guess what? It is not going back, we just have to learn to pivot and adjust. I decided the word action fits my desires for this year.

We must choose to take bold steps and keep progressing forward. We must not grow complacent in our restrictions. For in the midst of despair is where we can truly start to thrive.

With my word of the year, I have some things to continue to work and act upon:

So here is to 2021 – may we continue to move forward. May we choose to grow even when it seems the world is telling us “no.” May we chose to be so daring as to be bold.

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