Pardon the mess, I’m Rebranding!

You are probably looking at my website and confused about what is happening. I am in the middle of a brand make-over. I am slowly changing Kelly Keeps It Real from a blog I started into a website for my side business I am working on. Yes, this is one of my dreams and I hope I can make it into a full-time career!

I desire to start my own marketing business. I dream of working with clients who are passionate about sharing their love for The Church. I changed the name and redesigned the layout. So, I present to you: Edith + Marie Creative Co.

Why Edith + Marie?

I named it after the two most influential faith figures I know: Edith Stein and the Blessed Mother. Edith’s writings and teachings on women are some of the most empowering words I have ever read. She taught that women are inherently different from men but are equally essential = in all areas of life. And then there’s Mary, she is the perfect and beautiful example of a Christian woman. She teaches us how to be good mothers and disciples. Since I am starting a faith-based company, I might as well dedicate it and entrust it to the best of the best.

I am excited to get the ball rolling on this project. I’ve been dreaming of this vision for years: To help bring marketing for small Catholic businesses, organizations, and ministries into modern times. I think marketing is one of the most overlooked activities for many small businesses, and I desire to fill that void. Marketing is an essential part of growth for a business, and I want to in the ways I know how.

People tend to discount marketing. I know a lot of people often think it is a waste of money or isn’t worth the hype When I hear those sentiments, it usually is because the person they hired was trying to take advantage of them. The person was thinking about their profits rather than desiring to help the business. Therefore, before I started anything, I decided to write down my cornerstones; they will help guide how I serve those asking for my help.

I am looking forward to working on this and I am excited for you to join me on this journey. If you see anything that needs to be updated on my website, please let me know! I am one person doing this rebrand in between my full-time job. It isn’t the easiest thing to do!

The Four Cornerstones

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