The Four Cornerstones

The Four Cornerstones

You cannot build a house on a foundation of sand. You know the parable. Same with a business. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you cannot get far. That is why I set up four cornerstones that all of my love, work, and service to you is built upon. These topics will be brought up again and again.


You didn’t start this this business just for yourself, and neither did I!

You started it to help others, to solve a problem, to provide solutions, to give to others. I am committed serving your business, your audience, and the mission you have been tasked with. By viewing marketing and a way to serve we will enable your audience to form a better relationship with you and create more memorable interaction.

Spreading Joy

You didn’t seek to have Jesus in your business if you don’t intend to share His message. Even if your primary goal isn’t to evangelized, you were called to be his disciple and share his message the best way possible – by spreading joy!


You can strategize all day long, but if you do not take steps to implement the strategy nothing will be completed. You must learn how to break down a goal or mission into doable steps to put your strategy into motion.


You can do it! There is so much to gain from allowing yourself to lean into your potential and do the hard word. We will work through problems and roadblocks that limit your ability and we will increase your potential and impact.

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