Four decisions to make for your email marketing strategy

“Ope, I have to create my email for my subscribers. They like to hear from me!”

*Stares at an open word doc for 10 minutes before opening TikTok*

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Pardon the mess, I’m Rebranding!

You are probably looking at my website and confused about what is happening. I am in the middle of a brand make-over. I am slowly changing Kelly Keeps It Real from a blog I started into a website for my side business I am working on. Yes, this is one of my dreams and I hope I can make it into a full-time career!

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What is Lead Generation Anyways?

Many businesses rely on networking to start. They reach out to people they know or try to cold call/message people in hopes that they will buy in. Eventually you will hit all the people in your circle and will not see much growth beyond that. 

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A simple way to consistently share content

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Your copy doesn’t always have to be time relevant. You can create content that is always in season. We call this evergreen content. And it is one of the best ways to enable you to consistently churn out content on your communication channels.

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Three Guidepost to assist you in content creation

“Okay, time to create some content for my marketing.”

This sounds like a simple and fun task, right? Often times though it pulls you into the deep end and then your plan comes out looking like a serial killer’s wall. Yes, it’s easy for this to occur, but it doesn’t always have to be this way!

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July Update: Fireworks and Beyond

After some thought. I figured I would give a monthly update in the life of Kelly.

So here we are… July during Coronavirus. Honestly, I am bummed about this summer. I was looking forward to my first summer in four years that didn’t have class looming over my head. My husband and I were going to go on little weekend adventures, I was going to catch up with friends, and I was going to work on my tan. But this all came to a halt.

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