Design Crash Course: Learn the Four Principles around design.

Graphic design is not as easy as you think. It combines a lot of concepts and theories (or deliberately breaking them) to get design that is pleasing to the eye. Yes, getting a graphic design degree will really help you understand all of this, but you do not need to go to school or hire one to start creating designs. Instead, you just have to take time to train your eye to pick out good design.

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Easy Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

I firmly believe that behind every successful woman, or really any some-what functioning one, is a substantial amount of coffee. I believe that in my heart, coffee is what got me through my senioritis in high school, through my undergraduate degree, and it saw me through working full-time while pursuing my Master’s degree and planning a wedding. Yes, coffee is my friend.

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SWOT Analysis: How to stand out among your competition

You recently decided you want to become a virtual assistant. It has always been a dream of yours to work a flexible schedule and doing VA duties. So, you work and work at building a client base. Even though you are working really hard, you are struggling to get enough clients to quit your 9-5 job.

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3 Big Reasons you should implement Email Marketing

You should adapt email marketing into your digital strategy. While it seems like a pricey investment, you will reap the benefits. And here’s why:

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How to use social media for your business

Small businesses think “going social” is the answer to their problems. Signing up for Facebook or Instagram is a good step. However, it takes time, effort, and a solid strategy for social media to become a useful tool. So before creating a Facebook page, let’s talk about what ways we use it:

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Have your cake and eat it too: How I saved money on my wedding

I had the wedding of my dreams. I never wanted to be a princess or a vixen. I wanted to just be a bride. I had the perfect ceremony at my home parish surround by the love of God and the love of my friends and family. I also had an elegant and beautiful reception.

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My Wedding Day In Review

This is it, the big post about my wedding.

Brandon popped the question on May the Fifth, 2018, (Star Wars day) I started to get excited about the special day. I know so many girls pictured themselves as a princess on their wedding day, I always felt that I was going to be just a bride ready to become a wife.

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My Top Nine: Recap of 2019

At the end of the year, people start to post nine pictures in a grid that defined the year. These are the pictures you use to commemorate the past year of your life. Some years there is not significant events that you want to share, while some years you struggle to scrounge up pictures.

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